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Should we out forgive Yahweh ?

Should we be kinder, and more mercy full than God Himself ? I mean should we forgive more readily those who trespass against us, than Yahweh does forgive us when we trespass against Him ? In the « Lord’s » prayer, Yahshua/Jesus … Continue reading

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Our biggest sin

It is my personal conviction that the decline of our civilization and race is the consequence of our violation of the will of YAHWEH. In Genesis 4:  11-12   11 And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath … Continue reading

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About us

About Children of YHWH. Children of YHWH is a Dual Seed Line Christian Identity web ministry with the purpose of spreading widely the truth about our Divine / Caucasian-Hebrew-Israelite origin as children of Yahweh God our Father. Translating existing text … Continue reading

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Praise Yahweh ! Honor Power and Glory to His holy name for evermore.

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