Dr. James P. WICKSTROM  a teacher of Yahweh VIDEOS:

Right click on the link —> save as  to download the video file (recommended so you can write it on a CDrom and pass it around).

Left click on the link will play the video file in your browser (works on recent Firefox versions)  for online viewing without download.

Notice:  If your media player doesn’t play the particular format of the video you need to install that particular codec on your Media Player, or easier :  download and install the latest version of VLC Player for free here :  http://videolan.org/vlc/


Ancient American History (.avi)  Size = 311 MB

His name is Yahweh (.avi)  Size = 238 MB

James_P._Wickstrom_Aryan_Nations_1998 (.avi)  Size = 178 MB

Original Star Wars 1 of 2 (.avi)  Size = 312 MB

Original Star Wars 2 of 2 (.avi)  Size = 213 MB

The_chariots_of_Yahweh (.avi)  Size = 303 MB

The giants (.avi)  Size =   126 MB

The Lion of Judah (.mp4)  Size = 364 MB

The mystery of Genesis 3:15 (.avi)  Size = 306 MB

White mummies from the Tarim basin (.avi)  Size = 263 MB

White native Americans. (.avi)  Size = 325 MB

Written in silver (.avi)   Size = 122 MB

YHWH_King_of_Heaven_King_of_earth (.avi)  Size = 250 MB

YHWH is Emmanuel (.avi)  Size = 254 MB


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