OUR sacred Hebrew language

OUR sacred Hebrew language

That’s right the sacred Hebrew language used and given by Yahweh our Father belongs to us.
Not to the yidish speaking usurpers of identity residing on OUR stolen land and in Yahweh’s beloved Jerusalem.
So before we can reclaim our land given by YHWH to His people for everlasting in the last battle on the side of our Saviour and Redeemer Yeshua (Jesus) when He returns, we can take back our Father’s tongue.

This last winter, as I had more idle time, I learned the base of Biblical Hebrew (32 X 1 hour videos) after I had a try at ancient Hebrew a while ago.

Guess what ?  I’m loving it !

Of course there is no yet a C I learning online course to download for free, at least not to my knowledge, so I had to settle for a method put on line by non C I teachers members of P C churchianity, but I didn’t let that stop me, I’m the stuburn kind (born Aries for what it’s worth).

So I downloaded and watched all kinds of videos (including a couple on the hidden meaning of the hebrew words and their numerical value  « kabala » by a real kike rabbi, Horesco referens !)  and used a few FREE apps for tablet & smartphone; flashcards for the Aleph Bet, and vocabulary memorising tools.

And voilà !  I can read the old testament in Hebrew (very slowly, and even slower without vowel marks) and it is fun and enriching for the mind.

Icing on the cake; learning a new Language keeps my brain on its toes, and sharply focused, which is no luxury at my age of 63.
Learning new skills, arts, musical instrument, calls for the creation of new neural connexions between synapses, neurones, and what else, making it harder for Alzheimer to turm me into an over ripe vegetable.

I can now curse the Jews in a language they understand !  :joyous:

So for those fools for Christ crazy enough to dare follow my steps, here are the links that will empower you with the sacred knowledge :

Learning Biblical Hebrew:


Marc Jakob is a good benevolent Hebrew teacher, he acknowledges YHWH as the real name of God, not C I, even less 2 seed liner, but not a state of Israel groupie either as far as I can tell, and doing a good ungrateful job.

Be sure to watch and digest all 32 videos.

For the unconditionals among us :


FREE Hebrew lessons :


Very well done website and videos, Jeff A. Benner is also aknowledging YHWH as the real name of God (once you can read Hebrew, you must have the double mind of a Jew to say « Adonaï » when you read YHWH), but is not C I or dual seedliner either, although into homesteading (now relabeled as survivalism).

There are definitely good brothers outside of the C I community, I hope they’ll join us some day.
We have the chance to live in a time when all this teaching is available for FREE and in audio/visual form on the web.

Other invaluable FREE tools :



Audio Hebrew Old Testament :


Praise Yahweh !

And for the dark side :

Warning !  If you find the viewing of a yarmulke wearing Jew repulsive, you may experience nausea, rage, and other unpleasant symptoms while viewing these videos.



Disclaimer :  You have been warned !

It is amazing how much relation can be found between words and their numerical value derived from the Hebrew letters.
I stopped watching after the rabbi demonstrates that the 6 million magical hollow hoax number was foretold in the Torah.

Learn and enjoy !

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